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We offer Structured Design Services for all areas of our business and in support of all the Services we provide. It’s common to firstly associate Design with Project and Construction Services, most people do and yes, we can work with you in this capacity providing assistance with Management and Procurement Services or delivering you an awesome new facility from scratch.

At the heart of everything we do is Design. It’s where we start and its DNA should remain with us to support your Service and Maintenance Management Plans. InfraNorth can provide routine Design and Management Services to assist with the day to day running of your facility.

From Asset inspections to complex Energy Efficiency and Capacity Utilisation Assessments we can prepare a programme (SLA) to help steer your routine M&E and Infrastructure service and maintenance management. Routine Design Functions become InfraNorth Management Services and these can run parallel to your current Service and Maintenance Workstreams or become a fully integrated InfraNorth ‘one stop shop’


Integrated Management Services are where we really make a difference, Integration being the key word as we interlock of all associated workstreams.

We integrated all Management Plans using IRIS, our unique Critical Facility Integrated Management Software. IRIS provides an ‘out of the box’ standard architecture for managing your estate, we do however have bespoke process options which allow you to structure your Management Workflow and Reporting Process directly in line with your KPI and QMS needs.

Everybody seems to use a slightly different shade of IRIS!

Engineering Standards Maintenance

  • Power Quality
  • IT Power
  • Environment Control
  • Optimising Legacy
  • Management Information base layer & Monitoring
  • DCIM & IMS

Governance Gateway

  • Business Ask
  • Project Plan
  • Engineering Standard
  • Commercial

Infrastructure Capacity Utilisation

  • Power Availability Reporting
  • Cooling Availability Reporting

Infrastructure Capacity Utilisation Assesment

  • Power Availability Reporting
  • Cooling Availability Reporting

Growth Impact Assessment

  • Space
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Communication

Asset Capacity Analysis

  • Condition
  • Capacity
  • Compliance

Service & Maintenance

  • Operational & Down
  • Maintenance Compliance
  • Service Compliance
  • Outstanding Work

Project & Revenue Management

  • In Scoping
  • In Design
  • In Delivery
  • Complete
  • Financials
  • Outstanding Actions

Change & Minor Works Management

  • In Scoping
  • In Design
  • In Delivery
  • Complete
  • Financials
  • Outstanding Actions


From a 24hr 999 Replacement Critical Asset Service to providing a brand new Data Centre from scratch our Project Delivery Department,

which is internally and externally Design backed/verified really can look after you.

We offer many flexible Contract options in which Clients can structure a contract and KPI package to suit themselves.

For example, Project with or without Energy improvement KPI’s and investment/profit sharing.

New Facilities

  • HV & LV Grid Supplies
  • Resilient Power Generation Systems
  • Resilient LV Distribution Systems
  • Resilient IT AC Power Systems
  • Resilient IT DC Power Systems
  • Resilient Cooling Systems
  • Resilient Communication Infrastructure Networks
  • Fire & Smoke Detection Systems
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • BeMS & Automation Systems
  • SCADA Systems
  • DCIM & IMS Systems

Upgrades & Replacement

  • ASC & New Supply Upgrades
  • Generator Replacements & G59
  • LV Switch Replacement & Upgrades
  • AC-UPS Replacement & Upgrades
  • DC-UPS Replacement & Upgrades
  • Cooling Replacement & Upgrades
  • Coms Infrastructure Upgrades & Installations
  • Fire Detection System Replacement & Upgrades
  • Fire Suppression Replacement & Upgrades
  • BeMS Replacement & Upgrades
  • SCADA Asset Integration Service
  • DCIM Configuration

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Generator Replacement - Another resilient critical power installation from InfraNorth. Contact us to find out how w…


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